Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Tuesday, October 25

Workshop A: Using Computational Biology to Enhance Structural Biology Prediction

09:30 - 12:00

Experimental techniques like NMR and X-ray crystallography have been traditionally employed to determine the structures of proteins and their complexes. While computational methods have since led to enhancements in the accuracy of protein models, it is the advancement with AlphaFold2 that is currently accelerating protein structure prediction.

Attendees will discuss:

  • Examining the limitations of novel computational methods to determine how best to wield AlphaFold and related AI tools
  • Investigating how traditional and computational techniques can be optimally integrated to fast-forward agile investigations of structure–function relationships
  • Exploring challenges that emerge when evaluating multiple
    structural confirmations and polymorphic assemblies to further
    develop modeling programs and determine experimental structures

Workshop Leaders:

Diego Del Alamo

Diego del Alamo
Investigator, Protein Design & Informatics

Jeliazko Jeliazkov
Investigator, Protein Design & Informatics


Maxim Shapovalov
Investigator, Protein Design & Informatics

Workshop B: In-Silico Developability Predictive Platforms for Biologics Drug Discovery & Development

13.00 -15.00 

In silico developability predictive platforms offer promising screening support to identify optimal properties of a candidate biotherapeutic at early stages. Predicting your biologic’s developability can help avoid instability problems during later development and impede significant
economic consequences.

Attendees will discuss:

  • Revealing a Global Biologics Research Informatics Platform
    integrating in silico prediction and lab experiment data to fastforward
    biologics drug design and development
  • Putting the platform into practice with biologic discovery use cases
  • Elucidating process development best practices with use cases
    from Takeda

Workshop Leaders:


Monica Wang
Head, Biologics & Novel Modalities Discovery Capabilities & products, Scientific Informatics, Data Science Institute


Vinodh Kurella
Biotherapeutic Computational Modeler

Lijuan Li
Senior Staff Engineer (CMC) in Process Modeling, Biologics Process Development