Partnership Opportunities

Biopharmaceutical companies have shared shortfalls in the currently available computational technologies employed for the development of biologics as opposed to small molecules. Do you have the computational innovation necessary to accelerate the discovery, design and development of biologic drugs? If so, biopharmaceutical companies are focussing on computational tools, protein modelling, machine learning software, and data generation to enhance biological drug development, and we are looking to partner with a select number of organizations to align with our industry-focussed agenda. 

Bioinformatics Software

As biopharmaceuticals require a software provider with experience in developing modelling tools, there is an emerging race to decide who to work with and what software to choose. Engage with industry leaders to position yourself as the market leader and take this opportunity to get in front of your target key decision makers in the market, demonstrating your expertise in the biologic drug development space. 

AI/ML Software

With Machine Learning (ML) driving the future of computationally-guided drug discovery comes the need to find the right partner offering AI/ML software. Network with industry leaders at the 7th CDD for Biologics conference and learn about their every-day challenges while implementing machine learning methods.  

Protein & Antibody Modelling Platform Providers

With the challenge of finding a provider that integrates all components of protein analysis, the biopharmaceutical companies are looking for providers to assist with protein analysis tools, sequence and structure analysis and accuracy in predicting protein structures. 

RWD Generation

Biopharmaceutical companies seek to generate better insight from their existing data and to build systems that enhance decision making. The 7th CDD for Biologics Conference features panel discussions aiming to resolve the hurdle of siloed data in the pharmaceutical industry. 

To find out more, drop me a line and I can also share a sneak peek of who attended last year!