Partnership Opportunities

Do you have the latest computational advances in the discovery, design and development for use in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and research? If so, biopharmaceutical companies are on the lookout for computational tools to enhance biological drug development and are looking to partner with the following organizations:

Bioinformatics Software

As biopharmaceuticals require a software provider with experience in developing modelling tools, there is an emerging race to decide who to work with and what software to choose. Engage with industry leaders to position yourself as the market leader and take this opportunity to get in front of your target key decision makers in the market, demonstrating your expertise in the biologic drug development space.

Next Gen Genomic Sequencing Providers

As computational drug development evolves, biopharmaceutical companies are looking for a NGS Technology partner in systems, products, and services to support the drug development pipeline.

Protein Modelling Platform Providers

With the challenge of finding a provider that integrates all components of protein analysis, the biopharmaceutical companies are looking for providers to assist with protein analysis tools, sequence and structure analysis and accuracy in predicting protein structures.

Computational PKPD Modelling Providers

Before human data exists, it is crucial that computer simulations are used to foresee how a drug substance will behave and the biopharmaceutical industry is looking for partners who can provide the technology to predict how the pharmacology and pharmacokinetics of a drug in laboratory could translate to humans.

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