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Welcome to the CDD for Biologics Summit

Recent advances in data availability and breakthroughs in computational power have given scientists new opportunities to optimize the discovery, design and developability of biotherapeutics.

The 5th Computational Drug Discovery & Development for Biologics Summit is the only industry-led meeting dedicated to bringing together computational biologists, structural biologists, protein engineers and bioinformaticians to bridge the gap between molecular-level understanding, biophysical mechanisms, and improved prediction of protein-protein interactions, and most importantly, discuss approaches to discover, design, develop and optimize biologics in silico.

Built with insights from the likes of AbbVie, Sanofi, Amgen and Takeda; CDD for Biologics has been specifically designed to help biopharma companies define strategies to further adapt these tools, mitigate data availability issues and address computational-experimental challenges to add immediate value to their biologics pipelines.

This dedicated platform will enable you to address key challenges such as those of widespread data sharing, the experimental constraints of generating enough data and the importance of overcoming data silo-ing with organizations, as well as exploring new opportunities including a novel, AI-derived approach, an automated high-throughput engineering platform, successfully deploying ML algorithms and more.

Join the discussion with 100 Attendees

Hear from 20 World Class Speakers

Gain practical guidance from 2 Deep Dive Workshops

Engage in 8 hours of dedicated networking to establish meaningful connections

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