The 8th Annual CDD For Biologics Summit has now run. Thank you to all our speakers, sponsors and delegates for joining us in Boston.

Integrate HTP Computational Biology & Machine Learning to Streamline Drug Discovery & Development, & Enhance Predictability & Decision Making

As large language models like ChatGPT create ripples across all industries, and machine learning and other computational approaches undergo rapid advancements, there’s a lot to be excited for their applications in biotherapeutics discovery and development.

Created by biopharma-for biopharma, the 8th Computational Drug Development (CDD) for Biologics Summit stood out as the only industry-led meeting dedicated to the industrial applications of computational biology for biologics discovery and development, with real-world case studies that will empower you to extrapolate data & leverage deep learning tools to progress your novel, complex biologics pipeline.

In October 2023 to further this goal, the 8th Annual summit gathered the industry for an unparalleled learning and networking opportunity, which enabled you and your team to push the next AI-enabled biologic into the clinic in a safe, time-efficient and cost-effective way!

Your 25+ Speakers Included:

Huanyu Zhou

Senior Director, Head of Artificial Intelligence Data Science

Teva Pharmaceuticals

Matt Martin

Executive Director, Global Head of Computational Safety Science


Michael Marlow

Director, Biologics, Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls Research

Boehringer Ingelheim

Yu Qiu

Head Of Artificial Intelligence Innovation for Antibody


Bin Li

Director - Computational Biology

Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Christian Grant

Scientific Associate Director, Preclinical Safety


Maria Wendt

Vice President & Head of Global Digital & Biologics Strategy & Innovation, Large Molecule Research


Philip Kim

Professor & Principal Investigator

University of Toronto

2023 Expertise Partner: