Integrate HTP Computational Biology & Machine Learning to Streamline Drug Discovery & Development & Enhance Predictability & Decision Making 

Every year, theComputational Drug Development (CDD) for Biologics Summit features emerging computational programs and models to untap novel biotherapeutics discovery and development.  

Returning to Boston this October, the 7th Annual CDD for Biologics will continue to build on the reputation of past meetings, diving into the latest innovations in the industry. This year’s summit will highlight methods and best-practices to extrapolating data & leveraging deep learning for novel, complex biologics pipeline progression. 

Across 3 days, we will unite leading experts including AbbVie, GSK, Amgen, Genentech, Takeda & many more to: 

  • Overcome data availability and collection challenges to support machine learning and in silico drug discovery and development for biologics 
  • Refine high throughput screening methods for novel antibody candidates to shorten your drug development cycles 
  • Advance the next generation of computational biology in designing complex antibodies – including multifunctional, multi-specific antibodies  
  • Empower the predictability of protein structures and protein-protein interactions for better drug development  
  • Optimize your development cycle and decision making using computational data  

2022 World-Class Speaker Faculty Include:

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Hear What Our Attendees Say

“It was great to see how different experts in the field approach biologics modeling.”Andrew Urick, Senior Scientist, Abbvie

“A very good meeting, informative and dynamic.” - Monica Wang, Principal Engineer & Global Information Technology Lead, Takeda Pharmaceutical Co.

“It was great to connect with colleagues in the industry and share our experiences and challenges in antibody design.”-  Dea Shahinas, Director, Computational & Experimental Biology, AbCelex Technologies