13-15 November 2018

Woburn, Boston, MA

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Harnessing the Additive Power of In Silico Tools for Biologics

Computational Drug Development (CDD) for Biologics is dedicated to harnessing the power of in silico tools to de-risk biotherapeutic development from early discovery through to late preclinical development.

Returning 13-15 November, the 3rd Annual meeting remains the only industry-centric meeting solely dedicated to exploring the in silico prediction, design, and modelling of biotherapeutics.

Across 3 days of intensive presentations, discussion and debate, the event will again unite computational leaders from pioneering pharmaceutical organizations, academic and software development labs.

This year, topics will span the in silico prediction, design, and modelling of biologics. With a greater focus beyond applications limited to MAb’s the agenda will showcase advances with computational tools for vaccine, enzyme, multispecific and linker-based biologics and highlight the iterative experimental processes.

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